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So hello everyone! I know that tumblr has not been our top priority, but right now the situation is kinda shitty, our Japanese proofer disappeared so we’re hoping to get a new one in May (i.e. when my friend gets back from Japan), but that’s also not a 100%… Gonna update Tumblr more next week and yeah, at least gonna try, because life right now is kinda hectic, a lot of homework and tests… :|
As for our releases, you can get them on the complete/ongoing section on Tumblr OR on Bakeneko Scanlations webpage! Yes, we got a webpage… We’re gonna release this week, so keep your eyes open ^^

Anonymous sent:

accidently found this. You don't allow ppl to use your scans so I wonder if those ppl have stolen your work...? truyen(.)vnsharing(.)net/Truyen/Shinshi-to-Norainu

We don’t allow it, yes, but, sadly, there’s nothing we can do about this sort of thing. At least they put the credits in…

derpingchanyeol sent:

Could you please translate deadlock? Idk what the status is,but it hasn't been translated in almost 2 years.. :(

I would love to, but its licensed in English, so no…

wickedvane sent:

Will you be doing the sequel to Senya Ichiya Romanesque called Ouji to Senichiya?

We might, but not right now :)

Anonymous sent:

Hi there, may I join?

Where Tumblr? Sure :)


We’re very sorry for the delays on the last 4 releases for our White Day Special Project. Baka Taichou was suffering from migraine for not having enough sleep for the past three days so he asked if he can take a rest for today but he’ll resume working on them tomorrow. SO, we’ll be releasing 3 out of 4 all at once (no more 6 hours in-between releases), hopefully, tomorrow.

AND we have a good news for you Nekota fans out there!

We’ll be scanlating the Hidoku Shinaide Onsen doujin together with Bakeneko!!!

This is our first time working on a doujin of a yaoi manga @.@
(But not for some of our staff like Baka Taichou, and Crys)

This is also our first time doing a joint with Bake.
BakaBake!!! OTL

We’ll do our best to bring you quality releases!


Aomine’s virginity ass belongs to Kagami, of course.

Anonymous sent:

Hi! Are you recruiting typesetters or english proofreaders? Because I am very much willing to help out :)

Not at the moment, we don’t have a lot of translating going on, so there’s no point in having another proofer, as for the typesetting you would have to contact Crystalynn :)

albino-angelo sent:

I've just read Kobi no kyoujin and really love it. Is there any chapter that continue the story after chapter 5 now? I haven't found any chapter list in any website. In addition, do your group still scanlate this manga in the future? Thank you very much for your hard working.

Nope, we won’t, but it does continue ^^


Oishii Otoko

Chapter 5